Marine Megaphone EXTRA RINA 24V

The Marine Megaphone EXTRA RINA 24V gives a fully comprehensive performance, provides the interphone function and ensures that it is very functional in different types of boat, giving excellent quality when communicating with the staff of the boat and the boats that are in frequency whatever the circumstance in which they are.

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Marine Megaphone EXTRA RINA 12V

The Marine Megaphone EXTRA RINA 12V what you will find in Marine Signalling Equipment is a device that every sailor must have, because it provides the necessary performance in the boat, in addition to its interphone function indicates that it is completely necessary in the boat. The most important thing is that it can be […]

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Electronic Megaphone 350 x 203mm

Over time, it has created any number of nautical signs that can be done with pyrotechnics, lights and other forms, all to be able to communicate from great distances, for this reason the Electronic Megaphone 350 x 203mm allows better communication in a shorter time. that at appropriate times may be necessary.

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